Foodie Trails Melbourne Foodie Culture Tour

Post Last Modified – September 24, 2020

A Review Of Our Foodie Trails Melbourne Tour

On our recent visit to Melbourne, Australia, we had the distinct pleasure of taking part in Foodie Trails Melbourne; Unique Foodie Culture Tour. Taking a walking food tour when we travel is one of our favorite things to do, and this tour was outstanding!

A unique opportunity to explore the local culture and sample some of their traditional dishes at the same time, on this 4 hour cultural walking food tour.

Foodie Trails Mission Statement

Foodie Trails Logo

I always prefer to select and support local small businesses when choosing tours of any kind. After reviewing the Foodie Trails website and the excellent selection of tours they offer, this independently owned small business seemed just perfect.

Combined with their repeated accolades for excellence on TripAdvisor and elsewhere over the years, their Foodie Culture Tour was just what we were looking for.

They are also a fully licensed boutique travel company, trading under the name of Beacon Holidays. As a travel operator, they can offer personalized and unique holiday experiences, together with a cultural and foodie aspect added.

Foodie Trails Melbourne Mission Statement for all their tours offered is …

“Bringing people together through stories, experiences and food to celebrate diversity.”

A Closer Look At Our Cultural Food Tour Experience

Flinders Street Station Melbourne

With Melbourne known for being a vast multicultural city, it goes without saying, that this is a Foodie Lovers Paradise. With a diverse number of immigrants now living in the city, with it comes unique opportunities for locals and visitors to experience their culture, customs and of course, their food!

Melbourne Immigration Museum

Immigration Museum Melbourne

It is estimated that the State of Victoria in Australia is now made up of a vast number of immigrants having come from more than 200 countries from around the world. So, starting our tour at the Melbourne Immigration Museum seemed ideal.

Foodie Trails Melbourne Tour Group

After meeting our tour guide (Dhwani) and fellow travelers, we began our tour with a visit to the museum, to view the many exhibits located inside. This was a very unique way to start our 4 hour cultural tour.

An opportunity to learn about and review some of the stories of early arrivals to Australia, arriving from all parts of the world and what they experienced and endured at that time.

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