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Posted: 1/15/2020 | January 15th, 2020

Hey everyone,

Some community news today:

As you know, we have a media school called Superstar Blogging, with courses on travel blogging, vlogging, writing, and photography. We started this program over four years ago to help people learn and master the skills needed to succeed in the online travel space.

After talking to the other teachers, we’ve decided to close the doors to new students for the writing, photography, and vlogging courses as of January 31, 2020.

Now, if you’re already in one of these three courses or thinking of enrolling in one of them before that date, fear not! We’re still going to honor all our commitments to current and future students, all of whom will still get lifetime access to the lessons (the courses won’t be taken down and will still live online). You’ll also still get access to any updates we issue and access to the Facebook groups (as well as any existing Q&As included in the course).

As for the blogging course, enrollment will remain open. We will continue to not only run this course but also update and expand it regularly. In short, we’re honing our focus and blogging will be our sole priority.

(In the coming months, we’re also going to offer a higher-tiered, smaller, and more focused, mastermind version of the course. It will add a much more in-depth, hands-on component and be limited to a small group of people. But more on that when the time comes!)

If you want to join our other three courses, you have until the end of the month to sign up. After that, no new students will be accepted!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.


Nomadic Matt

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